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School threatens to suspend 13 yr old for twirling a pencil… then NJ Child Services threatens to put the kid up for adoption unless Father takes the kid to unnecessary psychological counselling because of pencil twirling.

A 13-year-old boy was the most famous kid in school for a few weeks.

A simple pencil-twirling incident landed Ethan Chaplin in hot water with his school, which threatened to suspend him after a classmate claimed he was spinning the writing utensil like a gun.

After media attention from PIX11 and around the world, school officials backed off — but child protection agencies did not.

Letters to Ethan’s father, Michael, show the school found his son did nothing wrong at all, and that there would be no disciplinary action. The superintendent was even confident the issue would be behind all of them.

And that’s exactly what happened, until Ethan’s father received startling communication from New Jersey’s Department of Child Protection and Permanency and Department of Children and Families.

“I received a letter from them saying they had found an incident of abuse or neglect regarding Ethan because I refused to take him for psychological evaluation,” Michael said.

In an effort to play along and clear his name, Michael agreed to take his son for an evaluation.

Ethan was seen by a social worker, and had his blood drawn and urine taken. In the end, no behavioral problem was found.

The state, it seems, is ignoring that set of testing, demanding further evaluation and threatening that if Michael doesn’t comply, they are will terminate his parental rights and free Ethan up for adoption.

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