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Anonymous asked:

What do you think should substitute taxes? It seems like the more I earn (which is not much) the more they take from my paycheck. The fact that I'm single and have no children doesn't make things any better, it seems

Voluntary contributions should replace taxes. Right now taxes is forced, but I hear you thinking but if it is not forced how will things get made, I will have to say that some of them will not, because the people who are not forced will not want them made. But like a church, you can pass around a collection plate, and those who want to contribute do and those who do not, well they do not. But this is just one idea on how things can get funded, you probably have a few more, and the next person reading this does too. All without using force. You can crowdsource funding, you can bake cookies for funding, you can wash cars for funding, you can if you try come up with a million and one idea for how to fund something without resorting to violence if you tried. 

As for being single with no children, I am sorry that the current tax laws do not allow you to collect from a thing called Earned Income Credit for however many children you have. They figured while you are young and single, your money or at least what if left, should be their money. 


Do-It-Yourself Counter Notification Letter

One of the favorite tools of both cults and corporations seeking to take embarassing information off the Internet is to falsely claim violation of a copyright or trademark. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, enacted in 1998, set out a notification procedure that can be used to request an ISP to remove allegedly infringing material from a web page. However, there is a defense against this attack: it’s called a counter notification letter. Most people don’t know how to write such a letter, which is why I’ve put together this helpful form. by Dave Touretzky
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