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The Turkish company Pugedon has created a vending machine that’s dispensing help for both the environment and our furry friends.

Watch the machine in action here.

It’s similar to the machines that accept trash and recyclables for train tickets and people food.

Progression & innovation, dudes.

wouldn’t this make a city’s stray dog problem worse? giving them a constant source of food, encouraging them to breed and come back. What if they have diseases? Seems like that would endanger all the people near that park (most of whom look like children)

Sometime this summer, probably when as many Americans as possible are tanning on a beach and not paying attention, the White House is expected to release a version of a classified report on torture during the Bush years. Actually, what’s likely to become public is only the executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report; the entire thing, five years in the making, clocks in at about 6,700 pages, making it the most exhaustive account yet of what really went on in secret CIA prisons around the world.—a-confrontation-looms-085034400.html;_ylt=A0SO80fk49BTeB8Aai6l87UF;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw—

A Guardian undercover investigation exposes conditions inside the chicken factories that supply some of the biggest supermarket and fast-food chains in the business, including KFC, Tesco, Aldi, Asda, Marks & Spencer and Nando’s. Find out why the drive for cheaper chicken is making more than 250,000 of us sick every year

Three of the UK’s leading supermarkets have launched emergency investigations into their chicken supplies after a Guardian investigation uncovered a catalog of alleged hygiene failings in the poultry industry.

Undercover footage, photographic evidence and information from whistleblowers has revealed how strict industry hygiene standards to prevent the contamination of chicken with the potentially deadly campylobacter bug can be flouted on the factory floor and on farms.

Specific incidents identified in the last month include a factory floor flooded with chickens guts in which the bacteria can flourish, carcasses coming into contact with workers’ boots then returned to the production line and other poor practices involving points in the production chain that increase the risk of its spread.


Wisconsin Is Getting Smothered by Millions of Horny Maylies

Close your mouth while looking at these photos, or a bug might fly in.

by John Metcalfe

This storm-cloud-looking apparition is actually a massive swarm of mayflies, an “emergence" of them, to get all Lovecraftian. Mayfly nymphs spend a year or two in the water (in this case, the Mississippi River) munching on organic decay.

Then, when summer arrives, they take flight en masse and proceed to make sweet bug love before immediately going back to the water to lay eggs and die.

This year’s emergence was so large people were comparing it to the last Biblical-style, one in 2012. If you don’t recall that stunning example of life’s majesty…

(read more: CityLab)

photographs via: La Crosse NWS

Basketball banned on streets in Upstate New York

The resolution, banning basketball on the streets of Amsterdam, has passed. The vote, 4-1, overrides the Mayor’s veto from last month.

CBS6 spoke with Edward Russo, who tells us he is in communication with the recreation director to ensure that park have functioning basketball hoops.
Russo also says that once police are informed, the resolution goes into affect immediately, and that the fine for violators will be $250.

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An Australian biotech firm has developed a gel for condoms that fights sexually transmitted diseases, proven effective in killing 99.9% of viruses

A condom that can kill off most sexually transmitted viruses, including HIV, herpes and HPV is one step closer to coming to market.

The condom, which will be manufactured by Australian prophylactic company, Ansell, is laced with VivaGel lubricant – a unique antimicrobial agent developed by Starpharma, an Australian bio-tech firm. The solution has been shown to inactivate up to 99.9% of viruses including the viruses that commonly cause sexually transmitted infections.!bleBXD

Any internet users who use or even read about privacy services online will be targeted for surveillance by the NSA, according to a new report from German broadcaster ARD.

According to leaked source-code of the US spy agency’s ‘XKeyscore’ software, individuals who search for information about anonymising services such as Tor have their IP addresses logged by the NSA and can be flagged for further monitoring.

The DC Police Invent Crimes to Arrest “Likely” Criminals. D.C. police use high-risk stings in which undercover officers recruit people they think are likely to commit armed robberies.

The D.C. police department is quietly turning to high-risk sting operations in which undercover officers recruit people they think are likely to commit armed robberies. The scenarios dreamed up by law enforcement officials, some involving the lure of liquor and strip clubs, are designed to put violent offenders in jail and to address one of the District’s most persistent and dangerous crimes.

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